The intersection of art and science


The joy of sanding

The joy of sanding


As an artist and craftsman I thrive on exploring new,innovative and often unconventional methods to make the idea in my head become reality in the wood. I am driven by the desire to discover , to understand the workings of machines and nature, and to create. My art and creations are a reflection of these passions.

Taking existing methods and turning them upside down, modifying them or simply throwing them out and creating my own. Failure is an everyday reality in my studio. There are concepts and designs that I have been working to perfect for years but have never made it to market because the processes haven't been perfected and the resulting piece doesn't match what I see in my mind. Hopefully one day some of these designs will be showcased here. With failure, also comes success and those successes are highlighted on these pages.

My shop is a strange melding of woodshop, electronics laboratory and mad scientist lair. Next to traditional woodworking machinery you will find a myriad of high voltage transformers, a highly modified residential steam generator for bending wood, a re-purposed commercial pizza oven for thermally modifying wood, computer controlled routers, laser engravers, a large number of custom built machines, lab equipment and even gunpowder. All in the single pursuit of making real what existing only within the mind.

The intersection between wood, science and art.


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